Individual hydrotherapy sessions can be provided on a one on one basis alternatively...

Hydrotherapy groups are facilitated by our Physiotherapists with a specialty in neurological conditions.

We are there to help guide, support and encourage anyone who would like to have a go! These groups are open to anyone with a neurological condition and who would like to try exercising in the water.

They can offer not only help with hydrotherapy exercises or water walking but can also discuss any other concerns or difficulties you may be having, look at exercises both in and out of the water, recommend any further treatment options or even arrange a one on one session with you if needed.

Activities learnt in the pool can cross over into functional activities on land to improve walking, transferring and other activities.  Additional benefits include: reducing pain, high tone or stiffness, improving balance, relaxation and general exercise.

Feel free to come along to meet your local physiotherapist, have a coffee and see the water walkers in action..

New members to the group may need to have a brief assessment of ability to access the water and to discuss individual needs.  They will also need to fill out a form with general details and a brief medical history; we also require a GP consent form which can be signed by your local practice nurse.

We endeavour to tailor the hydrotherapy exercise to you where possible and can add additional exercises/ideas if you feel like a challenge!

Please feel free to contact the physiotherapist directly if you have any queries:

Diocesan School - Clyde Street Epsom Saturday 10-11am Office 623 8433
(Please note no hoist is available at this site)
Lloyd Elsmore Pool Tuesday 11am - 12pm Abigail Rodrigues 021 753 278
Epsom Pool Thursday 10.30am Mark McIntosh 021 025 678 05

Hydrotherapy Questionaire

Hydrotherapy Consent Form

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