Adithya Sindhu

Adithya Sindhu

Neurological Physiotherapist

Myself Adithya, I obtained my Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Kerala University of Health Sciences, India in 2017, followed by a master’s degree in physiotherapy specializing in Neurology from the same university in 2019.

My professional journey began as a community physiotherapist, but my passion for neurological rehabilitation led me to pursue a specialization in Neurology. Subsequently, I decided to further my career as a Neurological Physiotherapist at KIMS Health, a Multi-speciality hospital in India with 12 subbranches all over India.

My primary area of expertise includes stroke, TBI, Parkinson’s disease as well as limited experience with GBS, MS, and SCI.

During my tenure at KIMS Health, I conducted two research papers, which I presented at the Indian Association of Physiotherapists Corporate Conference in 2022. One focused on a case study report on High voltage electrocution induced cervical myelopathy, while the other was on the “Effectiveness of Phase proprioceptive training in improving balance and functional mobility in individuals with Diabetic peripheral Neuropathy”.

In 2022, I relocated to New Zealand and applied for my registration. Meanwhile I worked as a Physiotherapy Assistant at ABI Rehabilitation. Upon receiving my registration, I continue my role at ABI as a Physiotherapist to fulfil the supervision practice. During this time, I discovered my interest towards vestibular rehabilitation. So, I did an Introductory vestibular course and started integrating them into my clinical practice.

I always enjoy working with clients to understand their objectives, devising strategies, and taking steps to meet their needs and goals. I always involve them in shared decision making as well. I find it extremely rewarding when they can achieve their goals and maintain independence in community living.

Outside of my work, I have a keen interest in dancing and I’m currently leading a dance team in Auckland.