Being Proactive About Parkinson’s

The time is now for tacking your symptoms of Parkinson’s Rope neuro rehabilitation is committed to enhancing client’s movement and quality of life, through specific treatment techniques that follow neuroplasticity guidelines, ultimately enhancing results. Improve your movement through exercise and education. Becoming proactive about your care plan is vital for long term function management.

Do you have problems with:

Exercise is absolute key in improving and maintaining function.

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation has extensive experience in providing evidence based rehabilitation to those living with Parkinsons. The purpose of physiotherapy in Parkinson disease is to maximise functional ability and minimise secondary complications through movement rehabilitation within a context of education and support for the whole person.

The team at Rope Neuro Rehabilitation can offer assessment, monitoring, treatment and management, referral to other professionals and agencies, on-going support and information for both individuals with Parkinson& disease and their carers from diagnosis to the later stages.