Arm and Hand Rehabilitation

What is Neurological Upper Limb Therapy

Neurological Upper Limb Therapy refers to specialised rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb. The musculature and nervous system of the hand is complex and requires expert advice and management to maintain function.
Our upper limb services are provided by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have acquired training and skill in rehabilitation of the neurologically affected arm and hand. Our treatment programmes are informed by the latest neuroscientific research and include the necessary intensity and specificity to optimise the potential for functional improvement.

Common conditions we treat :

How we can help ?

Is this service for me?

Upper limb rehabilitation is most effective when people can commit time, attention and energy to their recovery. To fund out if our service is right for you please contact for information, or book an appointment for a 90 minute consultation with one of our therapists.ts.