High Level Parkinson’s Circuit training class with components of LSVT BIG

AMPD is a fun, high amplitude, explosive exercise therapy programme designed for those of all ages diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The class follows the principles of Parkinson’s Disease training including:

The class is completed to music in air conditioned room and run by a physiotherapist who is LSVT registered and specialises in the Neurological Population. The class numbers are kept small to ensure that everyone receives 1:1 attention and help throughout and we have fabulous assistants to keep the energy level and work rate high. Throughout the class you can expect to work on aspects of LSVT-BIG, engage in boxing, throwing, catching, jumping, obstacle courses, and walking to name a few. Each class is different to keep you interested and you will be allocated to the most suitable given your assessment.

The session is challenging but rewarding and you should leave each class with a swing in your step (and arms!) and a smile on your face. It is also an opportunity to be a part of a great social and support network.


Contact the office on 09 623 8433 or contact through
Clients do need to have some prior LSVT training on a 1:1 basis before attending the class to ensure that you are up to speed and can get the maximum benefit possible out of the classes.

New Zealand Trained LSVT therapists can be found on our New Zealand site

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