Parkinson's Treatment

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation is the leading provider of Parkinson’s Disease treatment in Auckland providing a wide range of services, including LSVT BIG. Early treatment of Parkinson’s plays a vital role in improving function and quality of life.

Have you recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons? Or ready to make a change in your treatment plan to improve outcomes and quality of life? We are here to help! The team at Rope Neuro Rehab are passionate about the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, using the most up to date evidence based treatment techniques which focus on getting you moving bigger and better.

LSVT BIG is a research based exercise treatment approach which is being used world wide in the treatment of Parkinson’s. This intensive programme is considered the gold standard and comprises of 4 sessions a week for 4 weeks with a LSVT trained Neurological Physiotherapist. The sessions are fun and engaging and aimed to get you seeing improvements with your movements both in and out of the clinic. This programme is individualized so that movements that you find difficult are focused on.

Improvements include:

Individual Assessment and Treatment

Rope Neuro Rehab are specialists in assessing and treating Parkinson’s disease. We encourage people who have recently been diagnosed to attend an initial assessment with one of our experienced Neurological Physiotherapist to discuss how we can slow the progression of the disease and improve your movement and quality of life. Individual treatment sessions are available for those who do not wish to commit to the LSVT programme, where we use the principles of BIG training and neuroplasticity to improve your movement. Exercise is important for all people, at all levels and can make significant improvements to your movement such as walking, stairs and getting in and out of the car. Don’t delay! Get in contact with the team today!

Group Exercise Training- AMPd

AMPD is a fun, high amplitude, explosive exercise therapy programme designed for those diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons Disease. The class follows the principles of Parkinson’s Disease training including:

The class is completed to music in air conditioned room and run by a physiotherapist who specialises in the Neurological Population. The class capacity is a maximum of 16 people to ensure that everyone receives 1:1 attention and help throughout. Throughout the class you can expect to work on aspects of LSVT-BIG, engage in boxing, throwing, catching, jumping, obstacle courses, and walking to name a few. Each class is different to keep you interested each time!

New Zealand Trained LSVT therapist can be found on our New Zealand site

Video links on LSVT BIG: